Let 2017 be the year that makes a great difference in your life

January 17 is the magic date. No, it is not my birthday.


By this day, January 17, 90 per cent of the people who made the so-called New Year resolutions will have forgotten everything they promised to do and moved on to the next hash tag away from #newyearresolutionstingz.


After all the hullabaloo, declarations, and proclamations that come with the euphoria of a new year, soon life goes back to business as usual and the year flies by and comes to an end and we are trapped in this vicious cycle.


The calendar changes but our lives remain the same save for the additional digit to our age.We need to move from declarations and resolutions to action and execution.We can make 2017 our year — we could all do with a great year.


Here are a few suggestions that have the potential to make 2017 your greatest year yet…..read more

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