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…‘You may not know everything, you may not read every book, but that should not stop you from combating ignorance. If we put you in a field and made you run, somebody might beat you for reasons that are not your fault. If we assessed you based on wealth, there will always be someone richer than you. But the acquisition of knowledge and intellect are your free choice…….

; “When you have crossed the river, abandon your boat” and it carries in it invaluable advice. A boat is a great asset to help you cross the river but after that it is of no further use to you in the journey ahead. No matter how much you cherish your boat and no matter how valuable it was in crossing the river, your boat is no longer of use to you and it becomes a burden instead. Similarly, a strategy that helps you cross the ‘river’ today could be the greatest hindrance to your future success and you should know when to abandon it. Do not plod through life dragging behind you the countless useless ‘boats’ that are bound to wear you out…….

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