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…‘Suppose you have a tree in your backyard that you want to cut down and you pick up an axe and every day swing the axe and strike the tree five times, everyday! Not ten or twenty times but only five times, eventually that tree will fall, it is that simple. You do not need a committee to be put together to discuss what will happen to the tree, or hold hands and sing a little kumbayah. Depending on the size of the tree the time it will take to fall might vary, but that’s immaterial, the fact remains that eventually it will fall. Find that area of your interest and everyday spend time reading on that area and in five years you will be among the top 5% experts in the world in that area’…

‘….If you want to become a brand, you can only do that within the confines of your gifting. You can never be excellent in an area that you are not talented in. It’s good to stretch out of your comfort zone but never out of your gift zone. I have heard interviews of successful people and am yet to find one who said that he did not like what he did and that was their secret to success. That never happens. You can only excel in your area of talent since you are wired that way. If you look at a team, different players play in different positions. If we look at football for example, we have the goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and strikers. If you put a striker in goal as a goalkeeper that will be a disaster for the team, not because the player is bad but because he will be playing out of position. Therefore every player should be played in an area that they add most value because that’s where they are most valuable’

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