Transformative thinking

Have you ever tried to do something but then you decided to abandon it on the premise that you did not have experience or that such a thing has never been done before? If your answer is yes then you are not alone in this group. Many people don’t get to realize their dreams because they are always benchmarking on precedence. Unless you want your future to be a replica of your past then don’t make experience the centre stage of your entire decision making. Who did the Wright brothers’ bench mark against when they made the aeroplane? The people who made the pyramids that stood for 3800 years as the tallest manmade structures in the world built brick on brick with no cement used, who did they bench mark against? Logic will take you from point A to point B but imagination will take you everywhere. History is being read but it is also being written by those with imagination. This program seeks to encourage the participants to think beyond the boundaries of logic for that’s where true innovation starts. It teaches them not to walk where others have walked but to walk where others have not walked and leave a trail. The program encourages the participants to break out of predestined thinking for it only leads to where others have walked. Sometimes the chains that bind us are more mental than physical. We need to break out of these chains and bench mark against imagination for what can be conceived in the mind it can be achieved and this is the key to innovation both in personal lives and in organizations.